Community Snapshot

  • Population: 21,957 (Data: 2015)
  • Economy: A lot of the Decatur employment is provided by colleges in the area: Emory University, Agnes Scott College, and Dekalb County. Lots of renowned restaurants help the economy as well.
  • Area Type: Artsy Neighborhood East of Atlanta
  • Culture: Foodies, music and art enthusiasts who love being able to walk around town
  • School District: Decatur City
  • Known for: The music culture (Eddie's attic first premiered John Mayer), art culture, and a very walkable and handicap-friendly city.

More About This Community

Decatur is a small-town inside the big city. It is just east of downtown Atlanta. The city is named after Stephen Decatur, a 19th century U.S. Naval hero. It is a member of Sister Cities International. It has a very diverse population. Decatur’s official motto is “A city of homes, schools and places of worship.” Residents frequently refer to the unofficial motto of the town, “Decatur, where it’s greater.”

Decatur has the sophistication and excitement of a college town (Agnes Scott and Emory University are in Decatur). It’s a very walkable city, and easy access for handicapped individuals. The streets are tree-lined, and there are parks and playing fields.

The MARTA station is downtown, along with tons of restaurants, a coffee shop and ice cream shop. It also has lots of fun, eclectic shops. Eddie’s Attic, which is known for discovering John Mayer is ac concert venue for the ultimate music snob. They have open-mic nights that have hosted several talented artists. There are lots of highly-rated restaurants, including: Kimball House, Cakes & Ale, Leon’s, which has bocce ball on the patio. Brick Store Pub, which is ranked in the top 10 bars in America, is a two-story bar in downtown Decatur that has thousands of craft beers and a fun, welcoming environment.

Decatur has a thriving art and festival scene. The Decatur Arts Alliance hosts the Decatur Arts Festival each May. Other festivals include: the annual Decatur Arts Festival, Decatur Stirs, Decatur Beach Party, Decatur BBQ, Blues & Bluegrass Festival, the Decatur Book Festival, the Decatur Maker Faire, The Decatur Beer Festival and the Decatur Wine Festival. Other events throughout the year include parades, Concerts on the Square, wine crawls, art walks, runs, and races.