Christmas Decorating on a Budget


With so many other expenses during the holidays, the last thing you want to spend a lot of money on is decorations. Here are some tips for Christmas decorating on a budget:

  • Utilize your yard by bringing greenery in to put in vases and bowls in your home. Use pinecones and acorns to balance out all the green.
  • Put cheap ornaments that didn’t go on the tree in a bowl. Use this instead of a fancy centerpiece.
  • Fill lanterns and vases with the other ornaments you didn’t already use.
  • Find cheap or free Christmas printables on Etsy, like this shop here.
  • Add tea lights to mason jars you already have. You can add cranberries as a colorful touch.
  • A fun craft for the kids! Cut up blue and white papers for snowflakes and hang them by a string.
  • Decorate old wine bottles with white spray paint, or you can add things to make them look like Santa, a reindeer, or a cute snowman.
  • Use scrabble tiles to spell out cute Christmas sayings.
  • Make a wreath out of cheap gift wrap bows.

zercher-homes-decorating-christmas-on-a-budget-bow-wreath zercher-homes-christmas-decorating-on-a-budget


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