8 Ways to Prep Your Home for Listing

zercher-homes-prep-your-home-for-saleSpring is right around the corner, so you may be thinking about listing your home for sale. A lot of work goes in the preparation of this, so here are eight ways to prep your home for listing!

  • Improve your landscaping — mow your lawn, prune your bushes, pick weeds, plant flowers
  • Clean the outside — clean out your gutters, pressure wash your house
  • Make repairs — fix a leaky roof, and other random projects you haven’t gotten around to
  • Paint — if you need to paint your home, now is the time to do it. Neutral tones are preferred. You can also just give the front door a fresh color!Paint any bold rooms, like a purple bedroom to neutral colors (grays and whites and in right now.)
  • Small touches – such as a brand new welcome mat or polishing your house number can go a long way
  • Minimalize — get rid of clutter. This is one of the biggest complains from buyers when looking at a home. Depersonalize by removing monogram signs, family photos, kids’ artwork on the fridge, etc.
  • Organize your drawers and closets. Buyers will look through everything! And don’t simply shove junk into closets — consider renting a temporary storage space if you have no more room.
  • Deodorize – Get rid of bad smells (new carpets are a great place to start). Figure out a better place for kitty litter if that is the cause of the smell in the whole house.

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