5 Tips for a Great Home Showing

zercher-homes-home-showing-When you’re house is on the market, there’s a lot to remember to keep your house “show-ready.” Here are five tips for a great home showing:

  1. Keep your blinds open unless there is an unsightly view outside such as a dilapidated fence.
  2. Leave a bowl of wrapped candy or treats near the door with a note thanking the buyer for coming to see your home.
  3. Switch your bath towels to new ones. Bathrooms (especially small ones) look bigger without rugs.
  4. If you have something of value like an antique chandelier that you are leaving with the house, put a note on it that gives the details of the item.
  5. Store tablecloths and dish towels to accentuate a kitchen’s appliances. Your kitchen will look bigger if your eye does not stop at the dish towel on the oven, dishwasher, and sink.

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