Will the New Braves Stadium Increase the Value of Homes in Smyrna?

Posted On:May 24, 2016 by Rachael in News


Will the new Suntrust Stadium increase the value of the homes in the Smyrna and Vinings areas? That’s what some are saying.

Already tons of commercial development projects have begun, and people think that will raise the home costs in the area. Cobb County taxes are comparatively low, and there is plenty of space for new construction neighborhoods.

As with most big projects like this, the new Braves Stadium will bring income, commerce and a general interest in the Smyrna and Vinings areas. This will drive up land cost for both commercial and residential.

It’s been estimated the new field will provide more than 4,000 jobs with 25% of those earnings going to Cobb County employees.

It is also estimated that the operation will generate $2 million in Cobb County tax revenue every year. Meanwhile, $100 million a year of fan spending for shopping, hotels, and dining are the area is also expected.

What do you think? Will the Braves move increase or decrease the value of the homes in the area?

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