Cool House Series: Bowling Alley

You’ll have no excuse not to exercise if you live in this house! This $43.5 Millions Bridgehampton, NY house, owned by Joe Farrell has a bowling alley, skate park, pool tennis courts, and so many other cool things! Check out

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Yearly Home Maintenance Checklist

Having a house can be a lot of work! While we can’t help you with the work, we can at least help you keep track of everything that needs to be done. Here is your yearly home maintenance checklist!


Best of Smyrna List

We at ZRP asked our Smyrna residents to vote on which businesses were their favorites from the last year. Here is the list of the Best of Smyrna! We hope you will help support these wonderful businesses!


Don’t Wait for the Spring to Buy Your Next Home!

For the longest time, people thought spring was the best time by far for real estate buyers, because there is more inventory of houses. But some are starting to rethink that, and instead believe winter is a great time to buy.

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ZRP Clients Enjoy The LEGO Batman Movie Night

Thanks to our almost 100 guests who came to to our Client Appreciation Night, where we rented out a theatre for the LEGO Batman Movie. We had several raffle prizes, including: pops from King of Pops, a chiropractor visit, Top Golf,

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Client Spotlight – John Marotta

Client Spotlight on: John Marotta Did you use Zercher Realty Partners for buying or listing? Listing Why did you buy/sell your home? I moved from Atlanta Midtown and relocated to North Georgia, enjoying the mountains and all that is offered. My

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Cool House Factor: Glass Treehouse

Talk about being one with nature! Check out this Cool House Factor: Glass Treehouse. This plan was designed by Kazakh architect Aibek Almassov of A. Mascow Achitects. This rending of a tubular glass house in the Kazakhstan woods encases a full-grown

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12 Steps to Becoming a Minimalist in the New Year

After the holiday season, you are probably exhausted from errands and buying gifts. Your closets, cabinets, and drawers may be suffering from overflow. This is one reason, among many others, why your 2017 resolution should be to live simply. Here are

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January Home Checklist

The new year is the perfect time to do some good ole’ home maintenance. Here are some items for your January Home Checklist. 1. Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. With more heater use and wood fires in the

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Winter is Becoming the Best Time to Sell Your House — Here’s Why

Gone are the days when real estate sellers should wait until the spring to list their home. Here’s some reasons why winter is the best time to sell your house. People who are buying in the winter are serious buyers. They

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