Should You List Your Home in January?

zercher-homes-should-i-list-in-januaryYou’ve always heard it’s best to wait until spring to list your home, right? Well, now there are some factors that are changing that thought.

  • In the past, buyers waited until spring to start their shopping. This was because they were actually going outside and looking at them in person. But with technology, they are able to see homes that peak their interest online first, in the comfort of their own home.
  • The end of the year often brings about conversations about inheritances and taxes, money and home ownership. More people may want to look for a change in the new year, which may mean a physical change of address.
  • You can make a house feel extra cozy during winter showings. Having a fire in the fireplace, hot apple cider, or warm cookies in the oven can definitely please a buyer! A snow-filled yard and snow covered roof can look inviting as well.
  • There is less competition in the winter, so you will get more serious buyers.
  • You have a bit more control over showings. Since you will be in your normal routine (as opposed to your crazy schedule in the summer).
  • Corporate transfers tend to happen a lot in January, so there may be highly motivated buyers needing a house in a new location.
  • Buyers can be emotional during the winter. Emotions can run high right after a stressful and buys holiday season. Emotional buyers are more likely to make the decision to buy a home. They may be thinking of filling the home with their own family, or they may be ready to end the search and settle down.

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