Don’t Wait for the Spring to Buy Your Next Home!

zercher-homes-dont-wait-until-springFor the longest time, people thought spring was the best time by far for real estate buyers, because there is more inventory of houses. But some are starting to rethink that, and instead believe winter is a great time to buy.

Experts say best month to make an offer on a house is January and February. There are fewer buyers that are willing to house-hunt in cold weather, so there’s less competition and few, if any, bidding wars.

In the past, typically buyers waited for the spring to start their shopping because that’s when the majority of listings would hit the daily papers. But with today’s technology, including apps and personalized listing searches texted and emailed to you, buyers can see more inventory, even in the dead of winter.

Sellers in the winter are more likely to be selling “out of necessity,” which gives buyers a negotiating advantage.

There is also evidence that banks are more willing to offer a lower borrowing rate in January, as they try to beef up their mortgage numbers in the slowest of months.

The weather is warmer than usual, so contact us if you want to go peek at some houses!

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