Client Spotlight – The Weber Family

Zercher Homes Client Spotlight


Client Spotlight on:
Nicole and Jesse Weber

Did you use Zercher Realty Partners for buying or listing?

What location did you move from?
85 Kirkpatrick Drive in Marietta

Where are you moving to?
We moved into my husband’s home that he owned and rented out for several years.

Why are you moving?
We just had our first child and wanted to move into a home with more space for our growing family.

Why did you choose to work with a realtor?
My husband and I knew that we needed help to sell our home. We are not knowledgeable when it comes to real estate. We both work full-time and have a new baby, so we did not have the time, energy or expertise to do it ourselves.

What is the best thing about working with John Zercher?
John and his team were amazing to work with because they made everything so easy! John knew that we wanted to move quickly and he delivered! We had three offers in the first 24 hours that our house was on the market. We followed his advice about strategic and competitive pricing and ended up in a bidding war that got us above asking price for our home! His team was so incredibly friendly and organized. They were so on top of things and handled every detail for us. All that we had to do was sign on the dotted line 🙂 .

What is your favorite city to visit and why?
Florence, Italy because it is so incredibly beautiful. I love the culture (and the food and drinks too 🙂 ).

Do you have any hidden talents or quirks?
I have a crooked middle finger.

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