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Zercher Homes Client Spotlight


Client Spotlight on:
Katie and Reece Brown

Did you use Zercher Realty Partners for buying or listing?

Why did you buy/sell your home? What type of house did you buy? We decided to list our home while the market was hot and considered a “Seller’s Market.” We knew we were in a desirable location (near the Marietta square) and would make a decent return on the sale. Our goal was to find a new home with more storage space and property. Despite low inventory, ZRP helped us find the perfect fit in Acworth. A home in a neighborhood, on 2 acres with plenty of storage!

Why did you choose to work with a realtor?We chose to work with a realtor because we needed an expert who could walk us through the process. We needed a reliable person who would treat the sale of our home as top priority while we focused on our own jobs. 

What is the best thing about working with John Zercher? The best thing about selling with John and ZRP was the attention we received. We were updated constantly about marketing efforts as well as scheduled showings. On the purchasing side, the agent was available on demand. He provided the perfect balance of “no pressure,” but also challenged us in determining exactly what we were looking for. 

What is your favorite city to visit and why? We came upon Cape San Blas, FL early in our marriage and have made it our “go-to” beach. We love how quaint and reserved it is. No high-rise condos, no chain restaurants, no commercial theme parks….just white sand and salty air. We love that we can take our chocolate lab there year-round.

Do you have any hidden talents or quirks? I would consider perfecting my grandmother’s true Southern biscuit recipe to be a talent. 🙂

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